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If you were going to use a disc in a computer, it would have to be compatible. A disc programmed for a games console is not the same thing.

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Q: Can you put a game disc in the computer to make it work?
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Can a ps2 game work in a computer?

No it maybe possible for someone to make a game work after downloading it but you can not put a PS2 disc in a computer and play it even with an emulator like PCSX2 on the PC

How can i play ps2 game on your computer?

No you can not put a PS2 game disc in the computer and play it The emulator programs will not work well and they require that you create a file and not play a game disc

Can you put a video game disc into a computer?

Yes, but it wont work.

How do printers work from the computer?

Make sure you put the disc in and you install it

Will a PC game work on any computer?

Yes as long as the OS compatible with the game itself or it will not run on the computer and the DVD- ROM supports the disc. Otherwise there is no reason it would only work on one computer and not another.

Why won't your sims deluxe edition work when you install it?

You probably have the wrong type of computer for that game, or the disc is scratched.

How do you make a PS game work in a PS3?

You should be able to put the game disc in the PS3 and it should load

Can you play sims deluxe edition game without having to insert disc 1 i have the game installed on the computer just lost the disc?

You can't do that. I know because I have it too. I tried it and it didn't work. Sorry man.

What will happen if a computer game is played in a PlayStation 3?

A computer game can not be played in a PS3. Once I put a disc in a PS3 for a DVD that the Copy did not work and it got stuck in my PS3.It was a little trouble getting it out because the eject didn't work. Once I got the disc out everything was fine. I just had to unplug the PS3. But that's worse case and a result of when I did not listen when it said it was unreadable and tried again. It was not a computer game, but the same thing happens if you try to play any unreadable disc. The PS3 tells you it is unreadable and you eject it.

How do you make games work?

they are made by programmers and visualisers on the computer and then installed correctly onto the disc to be played on your playstation or Xbox

If you get Fallout game of the year edition do you need to keep using that disc for your game to work right?

Yes. You must have the disc in order for the game to work like any other game, unless it is a digital copy.

What do you do if a new game doesn't work?

clean the disc, try again, and if that dont work, return the disc and ask for a refund.

Can you copy the sims from the mac computer to a mac laptop?

You have to insert the disc into the new computer and it should work. Sadly you will not be able to continue with what you already have on the new computer. Personally I like to start over the whole game.

How can you make it so that your game won't freeze up?

well it depends if your game freeze a lot i had the same problem what i did was but a disc cleaner it a disc that you put in your game system wait 5 minutes and put your video game back in it and it should work or change your game system settings

Why wont your ps2 game work?

Often the game disc is scratched and damaged

Why doesn't my Halo Reach game work on my Halo 3 console?

It doesn't work because your disc either isn't clean or its your Xbox 360. To make sure its not your 360 put in another disc and then if it doesn't work then its your Xbox.

Why doesn't my The Sims 3 disc play despite this computer meeting every requirement and being a DVD-ROM?

If you're talking about the Setup not running automatically, the Autoplay might be disabled. In that case try starting the Setup manually from the disc. If the game itself won't work, make sure your computer does meet the requirements by visiting the official website.

How do you clean a scratched game disc?

Check out They will professionally refinish your disc and they guarantee their work too.

How do you make a damaged video game work?

Usually, if the game is in a 'Disc' format you will want to buy a Disc cleaner. This will wear down the hard coating though, so don't use it too often or you will eventually erase data.

What do you do if your video game disc has a lot of scraches?

Replace it and try not to scratch the new disc. Most home remedies do not work and having a disc polished is not guaranteed to work to fix the problem

How do you install fifa 08 on windows xp from disc?

Most games installers work by installing the disk into the computer, running the installer from the disk and enjoying the game

How do you run Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on Windows Vista?

The game wasn't developed for Windows Vista but will work, just not as well as it would do on Windows XP. Put the disc into your drive and once your computer has read the disc it should pop up asking you to run it. If not, go to My Computer, pick the hard drive and double click on the game icon.

If Wii game console isn't reading the game disc?

one of two things either the game disc is bad or the laser reader inside wii is bad. try another game and if they work its that particular disc but if they don't you laser is burned out.

How do you fix a wii game disc that wont work?

If the disc has scratches that make it not work, try using a pencil eraser and rub from the center to the edge. It rubs off a small layer that rubs away the scratches. Hope this helps!

How do you make a PS2 CD work?

Once a game disc becomes so scratched it does not work it is best to replace it and take care in the future to store them in there cases