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Apart from making Niko roll over from a jump, I don't think you can make him fall over. He does this spontaneously, if he trips over steps or brushes into a car, and occasions like that.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-20 11:01:31
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Q: Can you make Niko fall over when he is not drunk?
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Where you put steves car in gta 4?

Once Niko has successfully collected one of the vehicles that Stevie wanted, he drives it over to South Bohan (near Niko's safehouse in that area) where Stevie's garage is indicated on the map as a car icon ("Garage"). Niko just have to drive up to the doors on the garage which will open to enable him to drive the vehicle in.

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Not really as a cop, but Niko can jack a cop car, and, using the cop computer in the car, become a vigilante and earn extra money by hunting down villains. Although he is aiding the cops when he does this, if they see him shooting the villains they will come after him!! Some thanks! There is another little way Niko can help the cops, and that is by him obstructing someone running away from a cop on foot. Just occasionally the cop will actually thank Niko, but not always. And he can't shoot or hit the perp, just bump into he/she so that they fall over, example. He does not get paid for this by the way.

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