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Not if you are on the title to the vehicle and own it. Whoever holds the loan on the vehicle can repossess the car however if you are late with payments. Contact the lender and work something out. You do not want your car repossess. Credit will be ruined for 7 years, and you will still have to pay the repo fees plus the difference in the balance on the note and what the car brings when they sell it.

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Q: Can the dealership charge you with auto theft if you are in default on your payments?
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You should have reported the theft as soon as possible. Regardless of theft, you are responsible for the payments. Hopefully, you had theft insurance to make the payoff for you.

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Yes, if you have proof that you loaned them the money to purchase the car and you are a lien holder on the title. Otherwise do not get the car or you can be charge with auto theft. I would contact your local police for advice on how to proceed.

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