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No, the platforms are not cross-overs. You only play with PC players since you have a PC and Xbox players only play with their own.

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2017-11-24 00:28:07
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Q: Can i play with xbox one players on a PC?
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If you play modern warfare 2 on PC can you play against ps3 players online?

No, PC players can play PC players, PS3 with PS3players, Xbox with Xbox players, and so on. -RedLemon

If I play TDU2 on xbox can I see the players playing on PC?

No, you will only see Xbox players.

Can you play Xbox live with PC players?

No, if you are playing online on the Xbox 360, you cannot play with those online on a PC.

Do people on PC play l4d with people on xbox live if so how?

No. Left 4 Dead Xbox Live Players can only play with other Xbox players. The same goes for PC.

Can people on gtaiv on PC play with people on Xbox 360?

No, players playing online on a computer version of a game cannot play with players online on the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Can PC play online with xbox?

No you can not play xbox on line with PC.

Can pc play with xbox Minecraft?

No you can not play xbox on line with PC.

Can xbox play minecraft online with PC?

No you can not play xbox on line with PC.

Will life 360 work on laptops?

Yes, but you cannot play from one with a friend on another. Communications are fine, but you can't play between PC and Xbox, only PC to PC or Xbox to Xbox

Can you play saint rows 2 on PC online against Xbox 360 players online?

No, you can only play against people that are on other PC's. It's like how PS2 players can only play against other PS2 players ect.

Is there an add on to play PC games on an Xbox 360?

No. There is no way to play PC games on a Xbox.

Where can you get an emulator to play xbox 360 games on your PC?

There isn't one.

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