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Yes. You can play as much game as you want!! :)

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โˆ™ 2009-11-18 09:53:49
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Q: Are people allowed to play video games?
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Should people be allowed to play war video games?


How many people don't play video games?

1 in 3 people (1/3 of people) don't play video games. It is mainly because of not being rich enough, not wanting to play them, not being allowed to play them or not wanting to waste your money on them.

Should children be allowed to play video games?


What percentage of people don't play video games?

35% of people don't play video games because they like to play boring boad games

Do Irish people play video games?

Im Irish. I play video games. Simple as that.

How old are people who play video games?

There are all ages everyone play video games.

Should students allowed to play video games in school?


Do nice kids play video games?

All kinds of people play video games, nice people, bad people, stupid people, smart people, etc.

Should kids be allowed to play video games?

yes yes they should

How many people play video games?

Probably over 10 mil. But usually older people or adults don't play video games.

How many people play video games in Australia?


Should people 12 and under be allowed to play violent video games?

Personally i don't think so but, People 12 or over should be allowed to play violent games if their mature enough.This is my opinion just to say ok.

When do people play video games?

People sometimes play video games after a hard days work in school or at work. Some people just play when they're bored... Which is why I don't understand why they get easily bored.

Why do you think people play video games?

to have fun!

Do people get paralyzed when they play video games?


What people do indoors when its rainy?

play video games

Why am i not allowed to play video games as much as i want?

It would cost a lot of money if you want to play as much as you want.

Can gay people play video games?

Sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with the ability to play a video game.

What do video games do to people?

Some people say that video games will damage your brain but that is only when you play for like half of each day.In fact, video games help improve handicoordination skills.

What are the top 3 types of games?

The top 3 types of games people play are video games, board games, and card games. Sports are popular games people play as well.

Can you give me a sentence for the word allowed?

While I am at the market, you are not allowed to watch tv, go on the computer, and play video games.

What percentage of people play video games?

65% you nerds

How many people play violent video games?


How many people in russia play video games?


How many people play mature video games?

Everyone does =)